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The slaughtering process

The slaughtering process has been studied to garantee the best quality and safety of slaughtered meat for customers. Every stage of the process is carried out by skilled, trained and knowledgeable staff. At all stages, the entire production is checked by meat hygiene inspectors recognised by the Italian Ministry of Health. In its factory, CO.AL.BE. handles the slaughtering process of beef, sheep, goats, pork and horse meat according to the Islam rite.


Processing of beef meat  


Processing of sheep and goat meat 


Processing of pork meat 


Slaughtering according to the Islam rite


Processing of meat

It's on completion a new area of the company which will only be used to have the stock processed into cuts and meat products, according to a high standard ready for delivery to wholesalers.

Taglio carne

Storage and distribution

CO.AL.BE will be ready soon to offer to its clients the 'platform service' which will consist on storaging and distributing products garanteed for maintaining good conditions in terms of cold temperature and quality during the transport.

camion trasporto

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