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  • What does HACCP mean?

    HACCP is the acronym of "Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point"  and it represents a food production process control system which allows to identify  where the problems lie and to take preventive measures against them.

  • Why HACCP is so important?

    HACCP is important because allow to set and control the potential risks which lie in the food production. An efficient control system of risks due to the microbiological agents or chemical contamination, can garantee more safety food to consumers, and can contribute to more protection of public health.

  • What the tracciabilitĂ  is

    The term points out the run from mountain to valley, the possibility to follow the productive trial from the first subjects up to the ended (in the case of the meat, from the food to the beefsteak that we buy to the supermarket) product.

  • What does traceability mean?

    Traceabilty means having the possibility to go back to every single step of the production process, from the finished product to the raw materials (to the meat served to the breeding).
    In order to keep trace of the product process path it is necessary to have taken trace of it before.

  • What does filiera mean?

    Filiera is the whole steps of the production process, in other terms the companies which take part to the production, distribution, trade and supply of an agricultural product. For instance, the meat filiera is made up of: mangimificio, breeding, slaughtering, processing, packaging and labelling, distribution and delivery to consumer.

  • What is the aim of traceability?

    Traceabily is a very important mean of food safety . It garantees that in case of sanitary emergency or fraude, it is possible to go back immediately to the origin of the problem and take the necessary measures to limit the possible damages. Following and keeping  trace of  every stage of the production process makes the risks of fraud more unlikely since it easier to identify the responsible. This means more transparency towards customers. 

  • What are the advantages of the management traceability system for producers and consumers?

    At the beginning, it takes a lot of effort for producers to set up a new management traceability system in terms of both financial and organizational resources, but they will be  fully rewarded in case of problems on a specific product. In this case, since every stage of the product path is transparent and well-grounded supported by documentary evidence, it is possible to identify and retire a damaged product from the market with minor costs and no image damage. It could be cosidered as a sort of a compulsory insurance to cover the possible risks that this sector involves. For a consumer, the traceability system it means a major step towards food safety and transparency.


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