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CO.AL.BE. has been working for more than thirty years in the fields of slaughtering for own and third parties purposes, in addition to processing and trade beef, pork, sheep, goat and horse meat and meat by-products. In the eighties, the company was carried out partly by buying and slaughtering meat using public facilities, and partly by trading fresh meat. The need to buy fresh meat was due to the precariousness of the regional slughtering facilities. In 1996, in order to overcome this problem, CO.AL.BE decided to build its own slaughterhouse.


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Process quality control

Nowadays, CO.AL.BE. is the owner of one of the most up-to-date and technologically advanced slaughterhouse in Sardinia. A massive attention to innovation and quality process control, as well as a deep consideration for environment, allowed the firm to obtain the following certifications:

  • - ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System certification;
  • - ISO 14000:2004 Environmental Management System certification;
  • - ISO 11020:2002 CompanyTraceability System certification;
  • - Authorization to slaughter pork meat for export;
  • - Authorization to slaughter meat according to the Islam rite.


Besides, the 29th of April 2003 the MIPAF approved the Voluntary Labelling Regulation of Beef Meat (Reg CE 1760/2000), which is still in use nowadays. The firm works steadily with over 400 stockbreeders and sells nearly 70% of its products through the provinces of Cagliari, Medio Campidano, Iglesias and Oristano and the rest 30% through the others sardinian provinces.

The market

The main activity of the company (nearly 90% of the firm’s yearly turnover), consists on slaughtering and trading the sides of meat to the supermarkets and the traditional slaughtered meat to the others processing workers (who deal with the manufacturing of fresh meat and delicatessen products). A thirty-year trading experience coupled with stable relations with over 200 clients from supermarkets to butcher’s shops, as well as a deep knowledge of the sardinian market, have brought the firm to steer next step in the company’s development process with the aim to meet the new trend of the market characterised from a steady rise in the demand of end-products and meat by-prodcuts ready-for-sale that do not involve other costs.

Our history

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