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In order to increase our understanding and consciousness of customer needs and taking into great consideration the value of your opinions and suggestions, we have prepared a brief questionnaire about your level of satisfaction that will give us useful information on which improvements have to be made within our products and services so as to anwer in the most efficient and effective way to your needs.
It will take you only a few minutes to fill up.

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If you are not satisfied of our services, please let us know why by filling the form below:

We take your privacy seriously. Your personal details and your information will be collected for in-house research and analysis only. By sending the questionnaire you authorize the use of your personal details solely for circulation within our company according to the Italian Legislative Decree n° 196/2003.

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Paper form

Alternatively to the website form, download our printable customer satisfaction paper form and hand it over to our secretary’s office with the required information.

Customer satisfaction paper form

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