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Thu Oct 28 20:31:00 CEST 2010

Our certifications

All the activities developed thin to today understood the demand to document the whole productive and managerial system, you/they have allowed to get, the certification of the System of Management for the Quality and of the System of Environmental Management according to the requisite of the Norms of the series 9000 and 14000.

In the optics of the continuous improvement, that has always countersigned, the tall Direction has decided to equip the firm with a System of Management of the Rintracciabilità in the filieres agroalimentari (Norm An ENs ISO 22005:2008), finalized to the respect of the demands of guardianship to currently feed expressed by the consumers, to the guarantee of the hygienic-sanitary characteristics and criterions of transparency and safety of the production and marketing toward the market.

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